Our services are best utilized when we become an integrated part of our client’s infrastructure.  We are currently serving over 35 non-profits at various levels.

Donor Management

  • CRM can serve as your mailing address for your donations by check.  Along with any donations you receive online, we will carefully manage & maintain your donor database in whichever constituent manager you elect to use (though we can definitely recommend our favorites).
  • All tax deductible giving will be receipted as it is posted on your books and year to date receipts will be produced as needed.


  • CRM specializes in non-profit fund accounting.  We will manage your books in whatever system you prefer, though the leader in non-profit accounting and our strong recommendation is Aplos.
  • Simply pass on your expenses to us, establish your monthly bills (including payroll) and we will make sure the bills get paid so you can get back to the mission that we all need you to.
  • You will receive the highest quality account reporting on a consistent basis to help you and your board understand the fiscal health of your mission.


  • Our prices are based entirely on the volume of transactions.  Please allow us to understand the size and needs of your organization and contact us for an estimated monthly cost.
  • To give you some idea, a mid sized non-profit with an average of 100 donations per month and 50 expenses per month would pay approximately $850 per month for our services plus any incurred expenses (postage, printing, etc.).  This in contrast to a full time bookkeeper provides a tremendous cost savings to your organization.