“When we launched our ministry in 1984, wise advisers directed me to Christian Resource Management. The strategic value of a professional affiliate to provide multi-layered solutions that would serve as our administrative and financial infrastructure made great sense. From then to now, CRM has been an integral part of our ministry family. The size and scope of our mission has exploded over the intervening years, but we’ve never outgrown CRM; instead, they’ve made that expansion possible. God’s great plan for His Body – working together based on unique gifts – is on full display in the partnership we have with the team at CRM!”

-Bob Shank, Founder/CEO, The Master’s Program


“We have appreciated the invaluable partnership of Christian Resource Management at every stage of development of our ministry.  They have provided us with much needed advice and counsel, and have always responded to requests quickly and efficiently.  We are very satisfied with the service they provide, and highly recommend them to others.”

-Dr. Robert Lugar, President, One Another Ministries


“Taking Jesus to the nations is the highest calling we have as Christians. That task is complicated by many factors, not the least of those being handling funds, maintaining records required by the government and responsibly reporting to donors. Since the founding of our organization these areas have been handled flawlessly by CRM so I can focus on ministry and not have to worry the administrative details, knowing CRM has our back. We could not be doing global outreach without them.”
-Gwynn Lewis, Director, Sowers International